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Galvanization: the induction of twitching in frog’s legs by the application of electricity.

That’s what it meant originally.   In current use, galvanization means the application of a zinc coating using the hot-dip method where the steel passes through a bath of molten zinc at 460 degrees Celsius.   Zinc coatings prevent corrosion of the protected metal by forming a physical barrier, and by acting as a sacrificial anode if this barrier is damaged.  When steel is withdrawn from the galvanizing bath it has a clean, bright, shiny surface.  When exposed to the atmosphere, zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which further reacts with water


molecules in the air to form zinc hydroxide.   Finally zinc hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to yield a thin, impermeable, tough, dull grey layer of zinc carbonate which adheres extremely well to the underlying zinc, thus protecting it from further corrosion.   The finish on the plant containers shown here has been achieved with acid bath treatments.   The patina can take up to two years to become fully stable and unless special processes are undertaken, zinc coatings should either be painted within 48 hours of plating or after two years of weathering.


Some types of galvanised plant containers available:

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Square galvanised plant containers
Tall tapered square galvanised plant containers
Tapered round galvanised plant containers
Tapered square galvanised plant containers
Tall tapered round galvanised plant containers

Square planters

Tall tapered square

Tall tapered round

Tapered round

Tapered square planters