Metal and metal style plant containers

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Synthesis: the combination of two or more parts by design or natural process.

Synthetic materials used for plant containers are usually known as plastic or polyester.   The word plastic evolved form the Greek word plastikos meaning suitable for moulding.   The word plastic often had connotations of ‘cheapness’ and poor quality, and this may have been due to low quality plastic being used in imported toys.   Some plastic plant containers are much more economical to buy that a similar sized container in a different material but this is due to the ease of manufacture as opposed


to material costs.   Modern plastics are used in a large range of consumer goods including the inside of  luxury vehicles.   2009 saw the introduction of  the Boeing 787 with the skin being made entirely from plastic composites with plastics making up 50% of the  materials used in the plane. The plastics weigh less than aluminium and will thus reduce fuel costs. Apart from a cost advantage, metal style plastic planters are very tough, extremely light and easy to handle, can be used indoors and outdoors and will never deteriorate.


Some types of plastic plant containers available:

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Square galvanised plant containers
Tall tapered square galvanised plant containers
Tapered round galvanised plant containers
Tapered square galvanised plant containers
Tall tapered round galvanised plant containers

Shaped planters in lead finish

Tall tapered square

Tapered round in metallic finish

Lead style planters

Antique finish

Gold or silver leaf finish

Chrome  style finish

Hammered metal finish

Lead style planters

Rivetted metal tank style